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Lyrics: Maluma – La Reina

Lyrics to ‘La Reina by Maluma’ Below: [Letra de “La Reina”] [Intro] ¿Quién te dijo que necesitas maquillaje? Si está de más ponerle filtros a un paisaje? ¿Qué te hace… Read more
Lyrics Christine and the Queens To be honest Mp3 375x195 1

Lyrics: Christine and the Queens – To be honest

Lyrics to ‘To be honest by Christine and the Queens’ Below: [Verse 1] I get lost in my thoughts And for hours of time For it’s making me feel Like… Read more
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Lyrics: Miley Cyrus – River

Lyrics to ‘River by Miley Cyrus’ Below: [Verse 1] I got a new dress just to meet you downtown Can you walk me through the park just to show it… Read more
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Lyrics: GAYLE – everybody hates me

Lyrics to ‘everybody hates me by GAYLE’ Below: [Verse 1] My brain gets weird and I feel crazy I work too much, but fuck, I’m lazy You try your best,… Read more
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Lyrics: Meghan Trainor – Mother

Lyrics: Meghan Trainor – Mother Read the Lyrics to ‘Mother by Meghan Trainor’ Below [Intro] The fact that Meghan Trainor is literally mother right now [Chorus] I am your mother… Read more